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Major's DarkRP Staff App
General Info

Qa1. What is your in-game RP name?:
Currently, it is Major Kingling

Qa2. Provide a link to your steam profile with your steamID:

Qa3. What is your Discord name?:
Major Kingling#6385

Qa4. What timezone are you currently living in?: 
Pacific Standard Time

Qa5. How many hours do you have on the server?:
As of initial posting of this application, 15 hours.
As of 11/7/2019, I have 23 hours in game.
As of 11/10/2019, I have 31 hours in game.

Qa6. How many warns do you have?:
One warn, I kinda...dropped a tree on Marek's head.
We both went splat.
warn was for propminge, very appropriate.

Qa7. Do you have any prior staffing experience? (Not limited to Gmod) if so where?:
Long ago, I was an admin on Forgotten Soldiers. I left that group due to issues on both ends and immaturity from myself. I've run my own server a couple of times and have experience with ULX and commands from that. I was a trial admin on OPST, a Tf2 community. I'm also a Exotic Gaming TTT admin (great server, should check it out  Tongue )
I have extensive history being staff for these servers as well as others I've forgotten about in various positions. 

Qa8. Have you been previously banned from any of our servers? if so explain why?:
I have only been banned once for changing my name during a round. 

Answer these questions with your honest opinion:

Qb1. Why did you pick this server to volunteer for over others?:
Since I'm already staff for one server I'll answer this with the community as a whole.
I first joined EG because of the friendly environment I experienced when I first joined TTT back in August. I had been randomly looking for medium populated servers and joined the server only to stay. I enjoyed the people greatly and wanted to do more, I'd been looking for a good gaming community since my time with OPST and I'm very glad with what I found.
Simply put, the people here make me happy and it feels good to be a part of something potentially big. The community is full of great funny people and I love being a little piece of it.

Qb2. If you got accepted what would make you a good moderator?:
My prior experience as staff and my dedication to making sure everything goes smoothly are some reasons I'd be a good moderator. In all honesty, I have very little experience with DarkRP but I've been having a lot of fun on the server and would like to help it grow. I may not know all there is to know about DarkRP but I'm trying to learn and can always be vigilant about the less complicated cases. If there is a mass rdmer I will get the proof and handle it swiftly, I don't believe I'm adept yet at handling DarkRP only issues (like raids and such) but I can handle the normal stuff just fine.

Qb3. What separates you from the rest?:
I don't think anything but my experience really separates me from others. I admittedly have very little knowledge on how to handle the big DarkRP issues and other staff and potential applicants would be more adept than me in that area. My counter to that is my dedication and work ethic, I want to see the server thrive, can't say the same for everyone else.
Qb4. What kind of person are you? Forgiving? Do you keep your cool? Easily angered? Feel free to mention more than those three:
Depending on the situation I can be what is needed. I don't lose my cool with another player ever and if I feel like I will I can step back and take a breathe. At the end of the day everyone is playing the same game. I always try to remain level headed and set a good example for other staff and members. I am calm when handling situations and try to think of what to do in a certain event before it even takes place. 

Answer these questions with as much description as possible and as clear as possible.

Qc1. Define RDM/RDA to a brand new player and describe how players who break those rules should be punished (in your opinion):
RDM is by definition Random Deathmatch. RDM means to randomly kill or wound someone without any reason. A good example of this would be walking out of spawn and killing the first person you see. In this scenario, that is blatant RDM. RDA is Random Arrest, it means randomly arresting another person in a roleplay server (frequently DarkRP) without any reason to.

Qc2. Explain NLR to a brand new player and provide examples of where NLR could take place:
In most servers, NLR is a rule that disallows you from returning to the same area you died in after you respawn. It's essentially you forgetting your past life as it's information is now irrelevant to you.
In Exotic's DarkRP, it only applies to Raids. In a raid, if the Raider dies they cannot return. However, if the raidee dies, they may return and defend their property again.

Qc3. Define Metagaming to a brand new player and provide examples of its occurrence:
Metagaming is the act of using information you normally wouldn't have access to in order to gain an advantage. It can occur through communication outside the game in applications like Discord or Skype, or through private messages. It can also occur in DarkRP if you use information you wouldn't have access to as a regular RPer, an example of this would involve you being a Mayor and not letting a disguised Assassin in because you saw the person switch to Assassin and then suddenly to another job, thus meaning they are likely disguised and coming to you kill you. 

Explain how you would handle each of these situations.

Qd1. A higher up of any level is using their powers, once to a low severity amount and once to a high severity amount, whats your reaction?:
Depending on the severity I would talk to the person about it. If it's a low amount and only occurs once or twice I'd PM them or ask them to join me in Discord to discuss why that's not allowed. If it is frequent and high severity I would take it up with a staff member and management to see what can be done.

Qd2. During a sit you see someone outside the sit breaking the rules. how do you handle the situation?:
In all honesty, I don't know what a sit exactly is. 
If I were to see anyone outside a sit breaking rules I'd use @ and ask if any other staff online can handle them. If not, I will leave the sit temporarily to deal with them.

Qd3. There are only less than 4 people on the server 2 are building in the streets, one is basing and the other is playing the piano. What do you do?:
I would talk to the people building in the streets and let them know it's not allowed. Just because only few players are on doesn't mean the rules go out the window, in the end everyone still wants to enjoy the game. If the person playing the piano is doing it out of everyone's way and not being a nuisance to other players they are alright and may continue. This goes for the person basing as well, so long as he or she isn't breaking any rules they are ok.
Qd4. You think someone might be cheating in any sort of way but your not 100% sure, what do you do?:

If I or another player suspects someone of cheating I would spectate them and record their perspective. You need 100% proof before taking action on a possible cheater, you don't want to ban innocent players who are just good at the game. Everyone deserves a chance to prove their innocence, as they are innocent until proven guilty.

Side note: I know my knowledge of DarkRP as a gamemode is lackluster and relatively novice, but I'm willing to learn more and handle the smaller situations while I learn to do the bigger ones. I want to help the server out and the best way I know how is to join it's staff team and help focus on bringing players in while booting the negative ones out. I absolutely enjoy the server and I would like to see it thrive to the best of it's abilities. Also, let me know if the colors are abhorrent to look at, I just thought it'd be cool separating each section by color.
+1, I believe he is right for DarkRP, and willing to learn a lot about being a trial mod in DarkRP, and I give him props due to his confidence in himself, I’m proud of you Smile
Major, you are a great admin on TTT and I am sure that quite a few of your skills would translate over to DarkRP, but I personally would like to see you get more comfortable with the gamemode and how things play out before I support you becoming DarkRP staff. I think that it is good that you are willing to learn how to staff for DarkRP but I think that in order to effectively staff DarkRP you need to have a good understanding of the game mode.
For now, it is going to be a
from me, at least until you have more time in the DarkRP and a better understanding of it.
+1 I love the color scheme and I have seen you online the only thing I would suggest in game is don’t get stressed because I have seen you and another player stressing a lot over one pittie little thing.

But all in all I give this a 7/10

Best regards Duck*

I'm probably biased, but overall good person, shows he's willing to put in the effort and is level-headed in the situations I've seen him deal with.

Your admin on TTT and for a good reason so i dont see you having any trouble on DarkRP. your knowledge of the rules are a bit small but im willing to give you the chance to improve as a Tmod and hopefully by then you know everything youll need to know to continue on your way.

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