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Unban appeal
Nickname: Das

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63921969

On what server were you banned?: Exotic Gaming 24/7 TTT

How long is your ban for?: Perm

What were you banned for?: Ghosting 

Who banned you?: Mason

Do you believe you are in the wrong?: Yes

If unbanned will you continue to break rules?: No I've spent alot of time on that server 

And lastly, apologize to the server: Sorry, wont happen again
+1, You've demonstrated you care for the server and I've played with you a decent bit. I don't think you'd break the rules again and everyone deserves a second chance. It's really up to the banning admin but I personally think you will be better. The only contingency to you receiving a reduced or removed ban is a warn stating that you were previously banned for ghosting. That is the only thing I'd like to see put on if you do come back, and to see you follow the rules.
It's been quite some time since I banned you for Ghosting. I will accept your appeal today but be aware that repeat offenses are not handled lightly here. You have been unbanned.
- EG Management.

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